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Helping Children reach
full potential

Children’s Charities, inc is locally recognized for
their dedication to helping children learn to read, write, and spell. Help us ensure the future of all young learners.

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Change a life - Train to become a Certified Academic Language Practitioner / Dyslexia Interventionist

We Know How to HELP

Learn to succeed - 1 in 5 children needs specific language instruction to
learn to read, write, and spell

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How to SUPPORT a Dyslexic Learners
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Research from the National Institute of Health as well as Yale University shows that around 1 in 5 people struggle with reading despite having average to superior intelligence. That means that in every classroom in the United States there are between 2-4 children who need additional instruction with reading, writing and/or spelling. These proud graduates are a shining example of how specific instruction can help young learners excel.

If you know a child who is struggling in school we encourage you to contact us here at Children's Charities and to share this newsletter resource. Many families, teachers, and schools are not equipped or even aware of how to support a dyslexic learner. Fortunately, with the proper assistance and help, most kids with dyslexia are able to learn to read and develop strategies that allow them to stay in the regular classroom. They will need to work with a specially trained teacher, tutor, or reading specialist to learn how to read, spell, and manage this learning difference. Your child’s teacher, psychologist, or pediatrician may recommend an academic therapist — also called an education therapist or an academic language therapist — who is trained to work with kids with dyslexia. We invite people who have a bachelor’s degree to become a certified language therapist by participated in the training program. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a reading instructor and helping children with dyslexia learn to read, write, and spell, please send them our way.

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