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Meet Our Practitioners!

Language Practitioners at Children’s Charities, inc are an amazing, dedicated, and highly qualified group of people who have a passion for helping kiddos learn to read. All Practitioners have completed a minimum of 70 hours of coursework and more than 100 hours of practicum training where they perfected their skills through observations, supervision, and practice.  The organization begins a new training course once a year typically.  It is never to early to apply for the training as there are limited positions available.  To learn more about becoming a language practitioner Click Here!

Our Instructional Professionals

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Ms. Katelynn is an IMSLEC program certified practitioner committed to ensuring children have a bright future by having the skills they need to read.  

Ms. Katelynn


Ms. Jolene is an IMSLEC program certified practitioner who is dedicated to helping children excel.

Ms. Jolene


Dr. Tammy is an ALTA certified Language Therapist, ALTA certified Instructor of Language Practitioners, and IDA certified Dyslexia Interventionist. Her dedication to helping others understand the structure of the language and how to read is unmatched.

Dr. Tammy

janie rhody.jpg

Ms. Janie is completing her practitioner training to help children excel as they learn to read.  

Ms. Janie


Ms. Jennifer is an IMSLEC program certified practitioner and CCI training supervisor who is committed to providing the highest quality instruction and training.   

Ms. Jennifer


Mr. Ben is completing his practitioner trainer to enhance the instruction he provides to students at CCI and McDonell High School.  

Mr. Ben


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