Blind spots in professional development for Teachers.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I am often amazed by the number of professional, experienced, and frustrated teachers who have reached out for more information about what type of tutor training is offered here at our center. The conversations are almost identical, citing that a particular student in their classroom is struggling or a concerned parent has come to them requesting additional support strategies for a bright student who is falling behind in class. This may not seem like an unlikely situation for a teacher, except most report being unprepared to help and frustrated by the lack of professional options.

To the surprise of us all; educators, parents, and support professionals alike, these situations, referred to below as, blind spots in professional development for teachers, are very prevalent in teacher training programs throughout the United States. For example, many teachers share that they were not equipped with many of the methods or information we teach here in pursuit of becoming Certified Professionals. Even more profound are the number teachers with rich professional backgrounds and experience who are parents and grandparents of these struggling students, who seek out additional training. They often report being shocked because they have discovered they didn't have the training to help their own loved ones succeed in school.

So as we reach to support a dyslexic learner as a parent or teacher, I caution everyone to consider that even with the greatest efforts put forth by schools, teachers, and parents, these children can still continue to fail in school if appropriate training is not provided to professional teachers.

We all need to continue to learn, share openly, and build a community of support around these wonderful children. It is my hope that sharing this topic will inspire everyone to continue to strengthen awareness, advocate greater support for teachers and teacher training programs. Why, because 1 in 5 children are depending on us to teach them to read, write, and spell!


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By Corey Mitchell on May 29, 2019 2:40 PM