Help a Dyslexic Learner SHINE!

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As we plan supportive academic strategies for a child who is a dyslexic learner, it's very important to find time to schedule in time for them in areas of strength. Some many times we concentrate only on strengthening an area of weaknesses, only to under support areas of real strengths or even talents a child may have.

As advocates for these amazingly bright children, I would like to see families, teachers, coaches, etc. help dyslexic learners find their 'Islands of Success'. This might be as a participant in sports, music, art, drama, school clubs, or even as a young entrepreneur. Not only does this help a child maintain a healthy self esteem as he/she reaches to catch up with their peers academically, but it fosters a place to shine. Talking about a hobby, talent, or activity they enjoy also promotes great growth in social skills.

So as we move past the holiday season and begin to imagine how our schedules will take shape in 2019, don't forget to make time to SHINE! How will your schedule take shape to support your child's strengths

Dyslexic learners often share these listed strengths, consider scheduling lessons, a work shadow, a family trip, joining a club or starting a project in an area of strength!

Creativity and Imagination

Art Supplies

Painting lessons

Drama Club

Children's Theater,

People Skills

Volunteering nursing homes

Help the create a simple business plan - lemonade Stand

Outside of the Box Problem Solving

Participate in Odyssey of the Mind

Math Club

Building and Designing Talents

Country 4-H Robotic Project Build a treehouse

Strong 3D Visual Skills Encourage use of legos,

Computer programing

Strong and determined, don't give up easily Sports


The list could go on forever! Remember, have fun and encourage them to lead the way. Dyslexia | Dyslexic Advantage What Can You Do Because You're Dyslexic? David Hornik, Venture Capitalist, Peggy Stern, an Academy Award Winning Filmmaker, Larry Banks, Cinematographer, Philip Schultz, Poet, Madalyne Hymas, Graphic Designer, Joe Booth, Video Game Designer, Valerie Delahaye Ippolito a Film VFX Expert, Douglas Merrill Google CIO and Entrepreneur, David McComas Space Physicist NASA IBEX Team Leader, Jack Horner Dinosaur Hunter and MacArthur Fellow, Scott Sandell Venture Capitalist, Jack Laws Artist and Field Guide Author, Dan Peters Psychologist, Matt Schneps Astrophysicist and Visual Learning Lab Researcher all share things that they can do because they're dyslexic, not in spite of it. Visit Dyslexic and Share YOUR Story!

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