Volunteer at FEST, so KIDS can READ!

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Country & Rock Fest We are accepting sign-ups for everyone!!!! Individuals do not have to be affiliated with any groups or organizations. PLEASE pass along this information to your network of family, friends, colleagues, etc. so that we can fill the more than 700 shifts and raise funds for children who struggle to read.

Anyone interested in volunteering to work one or both fests email fest4fun@gmail.com to get signed up!

Country Fest is Wednesday, June 26 through Saturday, June 29

Rock Fest is Wednesday, July 18 through Saturday, July 20 #RockFest2019 #theXrocksFest

EVERYONE is welcome to work!!!!!!

Volunteers must be 18 or older to volunteer to serve beer or mix drinks.

Volunteers under 18 years old may be able to volunteer serving pizza and ticket booths but need an adult with. Ask about this specifically if interested.

EVERYONE who volunteers gets in to the fest grounds FREE.

Those who work a day shift get to stay for the evening concerts FREE.

Those who work a night shift get to come another day for FREE.

Those who work any shift get to park for FREE.

EVERYONE who volunteers for both entire festivals gets to camp for FREE.

Those working two or more days but not the entire festival or working only one festival can get reduced price camping. Volunteers must request this when signing up.


All locations to work, except ticket booths, handle no money! Beer, mix drinks, pizza, soda, etc. are all purchased with a paper ticket or the ipads.

Locations & Tasks:

Pizza Tents: Those working in pizza tents will sell, cook, and serve pizza and soda. Volunteers may bring a chair to sit when it is not busy.

Ticket Booths: Those working in ticket booths will sell drink/food tickets in exchange for cash or credit. Training is provided for anything specific to that job. Volunteers are responsible for the exchange and balance of money in their cash drawer. Ticket booths have air conditioning and is a job that allows for sitting.

Beer Tents: Those working the beer tents will give a can of beer for each ticket given. They will be reaching in a large bulk tank with chilled water. They will also assist in keeping the bulk tank stocked with cans of beer from refrigerated trailer. While breaks are provided, this job is primarily standing and moving.

Liquor Tents: Those working the liquor bars will mix simple drinks for each ticket given using bottles with stoppers and fountain soda. No prior bartending experience is required. Specific training will be provided. Customers generally order what is mixed not complicated - example: Jack & Coke/Pepsi or Captain & diet or Vodka & cranberry. While breaks are provided, this job is primarily standing and moving.

Miscellaneous Spots: We have a few spots that require fewer people and are very specific such as:  Beer Kiosks  Campground Drink Carts  Bar Back

Shift Times will vary slightly but in general....

Day shifts start about 11:00am

Night shifts start between 5:00 and 8:00pm

Mid shifts start between 3:00 and 5:00pm

How to sign up

Email fest4fun@gmail.com to request a shift, location, etc.

Groups of 5 or more will be given first priority for requests.

Individual spots will be filled on first come, first served basis. We will try to fill requests but cannot guarantee.

Children's Charities, Inc.

Country & Rock Fest Volunteer Coordinator fest4fun@gmail.com


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