Honoring Those we Love

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

“Honoring my dad through a memorial donation was a way to keep his legacy alive and to help children learn to read, which very important to him.” Elizabeth made a contribution in memory of her father because education was important to him, and she was grateful for a way to pay that forward. Would you like to honor someone who has made a difference in your life? A donation to our organization in memory of someone is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for someone special. When you are unsure of what type of gift to send to a family in mourning, a charitable contribution makes a unique sympathy gift. Regardless of whether you or the family has a personal connection with dyslexia, the idea of a child being able to read is appealing to everyone.

Honoring a loved one doesn’t have to wait until it is in their memory. Honoring someone special for their birthday, a holiday, or other occasion is a gift that pays tribute to that special person while providing the lasting legacy of helping a child overcome the challenges of dyslexia. “My mom has everything. There really was not one thing that she needed, so for her birthday, we made a donation in honor of her. It was a way to celebrate and honor her and help a child in our community to learn to read! My mom was over-the-moon filled with joy when she got the letter expressing gratitude from the staff, students, and volunteers for the donation in her honor! And she was glad to not have one more knick-knack to have to find a spot for. This was a great opportunity for all of us. We will be doing this a lot more for family and friends,” said Alex.

Honorary and memorial donations are easy and fun to give, and they allow us to continue to expand our mission of providing the best professional learning environment for children with dyslexia. Your gifts enable us to care for children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to receive the direct instruction they need in order to succeed academically.


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