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Student Application and Information

Thank you for your interest in Children’s Charities, inc and the one-to-one structured language reading and spelling instruction provided to children.  Children between the ages of 6-18 receive remedial instruction at no financial cost to the families but must be assessed prior to being admitted to the program.  A complete list of where assessments can be done is located under Ask Dr. Tammy

Admission Process

Please use the check list of required documents below for consideration of services in the program.

  • Complete all questions on the application and send with: 

  • Child’s complete neuropsychological evaluation or equivalent testing that is not more than three years old.  The evaluation should include assessment in each of the following areas:

    • Cognitive ability

    • Reading

    • Comprehension

    • Spelling

Notification Process

Upon review, parents will be notified by mail of one of the following:

  • Services are appropriate for the child, and the child may begin lessons as a practitioner becomes available.

  • More supporting material/testing is needed before a decision can be made.

  • Services may not be appropriate for the child.

Starting Lessons

Once the child begins lessons,  two 60 minute sessions per week, either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, will be taught. Parents/legal guardians are required to:

  • Transport their child to and from lessons consistently

  • Accompany/supervise their child on site at all times. 

  • Stay on site while their child is in lessons.

  • Plan for a one to three year commitment.

Resources for Psychoeducational Evaluations - link

Though we do not provide assessments or evaluations, we do connect with community resources that offer these resources. Many of the children who apply for admission may have already had theses assessments done as part of their educational programs in their schools. In this case, additional assessments may not be necessary. If a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment has not already been done, there is a variety of resources to consider.

School Days
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